How can I evict my tenant?

This article applies to properties let under Assured Shorthold Tenancies (AST) in England only. Can I go into my property, change the locks and forcibly remove my tenants? No. If you do this, your tenant will have grounds to sue you for unlawful eviction which could result in you paying thousands of pounds to the […]

Who WILL receive your inheritance?

Ensuring the right people are inheriting When deciding on who should inherit under your Will it is important to ensure they are correctly identified.  There are different ways in which you can refer to people in your Will such as specifically naming them or including them in a class of persons.  Either way it is […]

No Fault Divorce Update

No fault divorce now to be introduced into the UK. It is estimated that the no fault divorce will now be introduced into the UK in April 2022. If you would like to find out more in relation to the no fault divorce, please contact our specialist family law solicitors here.

Cybercrime Warning

CYBERCRIME WARNING – We will never send you emails from ‘gmail’, ‘hotmail’ etc accounts or containing HTML attachments. If you receive an email that appears to be from us with a domain other than ‘’ or indicates a change of bank details during a transaction, please delete it as it is likely to be fraudulent and/or […]

New Cybercrime Alert

NEW CYBERCRIME ALERT – Dear All, it has come to our intention that our “sp-law” domain is being spoofed. You may receive an email which appears to be from one of our genuine emails accounts but is in fact fake. In the current attempt, “< >” is added to either side of an email address […]